Barichara, Santander, Colombia
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Barichara is a charming Colombian town, located in the middle of beautiful natural landscapes and considered a cultural heritage of the nation. It has the perfect weather throughout the year: warm days and cool nights with temperatures between 18º and 28ºC. In the highest part of the historical centre of Barichara, with views over the town and the Suárez river canyon, you can find Tocagua.
Inspired by the Guane language, we chose the name Tocagua to evoke our privileged location: “on top of the hill”.

Tocagua has an ideal location. On one hand, it is next to the Park of the Arts, the Santa Bárbara chapel and the Móncora bio-park. And on the other hand, it is located just a few meters away from the Piedra de Bolívar, where you can find the beginning of one of our guests’ favorite trekking routes: the "Camino Real a Guane". Furthermore, walking down a few blocks on the 5th street (where we have one of our doors), you will find Barichara’s main plaza and church.

Tocagua is a new construction that respects and values local artisans and their traditional wisdom. Tocagua is harmonically integrated in the historical part of town through its construction methods and materials and the colors, rhythms and proportions chosen. Likewise, it has a reinforced structure with anti-seismic protection, a rain water recovery system and provides all the comforts of modern life.